Technical Services

When ASSL was originally founded the core business was providing flight simulator spare parts support. Since then, the scope of our technical services has been steadily expanded to include the following:

  • Program Management - We can manage large and small simulator projects whether a relocation, upgrade, re-organisation, expansion, or other project that would benefit from our experience.
  • Relocations - A complete equipment relocation service can be provided including baseline checks, dismantling, packing for sea/airfreight, re-installation, commissioning, and certification support.
  • Updates - Any form of flight simulator update whether a new visual system, avionics upgrade, or Instructor Operating System replacement, can be defined, sourced, and managed by ASSL.
  • Technical Audits - Audits such as those for flight simulator maintenance records, documentation, and spares inventories are often required by the regulatory authorities. ASSL can independently carry out these audits and support regulatory approvals as required.
  • Database Management – the management of simulator and aircraft databases.

Consulting Services

Over 30 years of experience in the flight simulation and training industries makes ASSL the ideal choice to provide assistance with your flight simulator-related projects. Our consultancy service can advise and guide you on everything “simulator” from justification, costs, planning, acquisition, certification, entry into service, spares, engineers, facilities, and whatever else may be required to successfully operate your flight simulator training business. Don’t risk getting important decisions wrong with your simulator project.

We have hands-on experience with a broad spectrum of projects including:

  • Flight simulator training business plans and market analysis
  • Flight simulator relocations and updates
  • New and used flight simulator purchases
  • Used flight simulator re-marketing
  • In addition to our own resources we can draw upon experts in such specific areas as engineering, facilities, and finance as required.
  • Cabin Crew simulators - specifications, acquistions, valuations

Appraisals and Valuations

ASSL has delivered appraisals and valuations of over 260 flight simulators for airlines, independent training providers, lessors, and financial institutions. We tailor our service to meet the individual client’s needs; whether your business requires a desk-top valuation or an on-site technical audit of a flight simulator prior to making a purchase decision. We can provide reports in accordance with the International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders (ISTAT) Appraiser Handbook definitions. As we are well versed in the unique aspects of flight simulator life cycles, we include in our reports the impact of maintenance value adjustments including aircraft configuration upgrades, technology obsolescence upgrades, and regulatory issues.

Our full and detailed written report typically includes the following items:

  • Market analysis and trading conditions
  • Current Market Valuations (CMV)
  • Distressed or Fire-sale valuations
  • Insurance valuations
  • Book value guidance
  • Technical appraisals
  • Pilot appraisals
  • Spare parts inventory valuations
  • Residual value analysis
  • Asset disposal advice

Sales and Marketing

The ASSL team has an in-depth knowledge of the global flight simulator market, and direct experience buying and selling flight simulators and aviation training services. We provide the following sales and marketing services, and are able to tailor these to your particular situation:

  • Flight Simulator Purchasing and Re-Marketing – ASSL provides a dedicated service to market and sell “used” simulators on behalf of clients, and a dedicated service to source new and “used” simulators for clients.
  • Market Analysis - ASSL maintain our own comprehensive database of the global commercial flight simulator fleet including new introductions, relocations, and sales. Combining this with the latest aircraft fleet data and our in-depth aviation training market intelligence, we’re able to provide the most up to date market analysis for use in business development studies and market value assessments.
  • Selling Excess Flight Simulator Capacity - For simulator operators that would like to maximise their revenue from 3rd party customers ASSL can provide the specialised support that’s not typically part of an airline training organisation including; market analysis, contract negotiations, scheduling, and customer service.

Asset Management

ASSL offers a full range of asset management services customised to support the needs of financiers and lessors of flight simulators. Our team has hands-on experience negotiating and managing flight simulator lease agreements from initial conception to re-delivery.

Our Simulator Lease Management service includes the following typical requirements:

  • Advice with lease contract negotiations
  • Monitoring of key lease terms
  • Annual technical inspections
  • Assessment of upgrades
  • Market valuations
  • 3rd party marketing services
  • Asset re-marketing at lease-end