What we do

When engaging with ASSL whether for an initial consultation, an asset appraisal, or full project management services, you can be assured that all relevant issues, considerations, and risks will be taken into account.

The business of operating flight simulators is unique in many respects. The technical complexity of the equipment itself, the specialised facilities and maintenance required, the diversity of regulations governing their use, and the continuous change in technology are just a few of the factors which contribute to a business environment that is difficult to keep on top of.

In-depth knowledge

ASSL’s consultative business approach begins with getting to know our clients’ needs and requirements, discussing the options, and evaluating the risks, thereby tailoring our service to each unique situation. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and market ensures that you will receive an independent and unbiased assessment of your options.

Our services

Over 30 years of experience in the flight simulation and training industries makes ASSL the ideal choice to provide assistance with your flight simulator-related projects.

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